Barry Chalofsky, P.P., CPM
NJ Licensed Professional Planner #2033
NJ Certified Public Manager


Environmental & Land Use Planning Consulting

  • Provide expert advice on various NJ Department of Environmental Protection and USEPA environmental programs including the Municipal Stormwater, Onsite Wastewater, and Water Quality Management Programs.
  • Provide advice on many other aspects of environmental policy including nonpoint pollution, green design, site remediation, wetlands, water supply and land use policy.
  • Consult on environmental regulation and site development, with an emphasis on site analysis and location.
  • Testify before legislature and other groups on behalf of clients.
  • Analyze technical aspects of legislation and regulations for impact to clients.
  • Assist in preparation of grant proposals.
  • Assist in obtaining site plan and subdivision approvals, as well as zoning variances for clients – testify before planning and zoning boards.
  • Work with stakeholder groups to mediate and facilitate problem-solving.
  • Support government, environmental and business clients seeking to incorporate principles of sustainability.
  • Partner with other experts such as engineers, attorneys and architects to provide a team based solution to client issues.
  • Prepare written reports, presentations and public relations materials.
  • Engage in public speaking on various environmental, land use and management topics.

Management Consulting

  • Conduct Management Training seminars and courses – clients include Traction Tire, Network Tire, and Simple Tire.
  • Topics include: Leadership, Management Skills, Organizational Structure, Hiring/Firing, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making, Time Management, Motivation, Team Management, Communications and Customer Service.
  • Provide on-site management consulting services.
  • Over 25 years experience in management of a multi-million dollar organization with over 50 employees.
  • Certified Public Manager – State of New Jersey.

Professional Education Associates
Barry Chalofsky, Partner

  • Design and manage websites for clients – create site, update and manage.
  • Create and/or edit electronic newsletters –full service electronic mailing including keeping mailing list.
  • Create and manage email advocacy campaigns to the Legislature through our online subscription electronic email service –
  • Provide writing services from press releases to feature articles.
  • Research topics for inclusion in written articles and or reports.
  • Design, print, e-mail and/or mail print media including letters, flyers, advertisements or coupons.
  • Create electronic or printed graphic designs for media or advertising, including graphic designs for automobiles and other mobile platforms.
  • Create on-line, television, and radio commercials or videos.