At Barry Chalofsky and Associates (BC&A) we believe that environmental protection can go hand-in-hand with economic development. For 35 years Barry Chalofsky has worked to develop some of the most environmentally protective programs in the country in collaboration with environmentalists, the business community, government and other stakeholders. Barry’s unique approach to environmental protection relies on the belief that all people want to “do the right thing” while at the same time enhancing their lives. The key to successful environmental protection is communication and understanding – it’s not a question of whether or not to build, rather its how to build better. We all benefit from a clean and healthy environment.

BC&A also brings other resources with the partnership of Professional Education Associates LLC a multi-media services firm. This gives BC&A the ability to assist clients in multiple platforms from environmental advice to web development. Together, both firms provide a myriad of services for various types of clients. Please check out our Services page.